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First Etsy “Product Launch” in the works!

John and I have owned an Etsy shop, The Two Acorns, for a year and a half. It started as mainly fairy gardens and DIY craft kits.

Then, life-changes happen, and somehow we morphed into vintage and antiques.

It’s been so much fun! SO much learning; every aspect from:

• researching your product, • your competition,

• learning SEO (that was easy; I can always be on page #1, even out of 500,000 other listings if Etsy isn’t messing around with their algorithms, or test markets without informing us.)

• Keeping up with Etsy’s ever-changing rules,

• Trying to keep track of our inventory, (nightmare!) what is listed and what is not listed. And where we put it…

• Learning how to craft a title.

• Figuring our how to use certain words in the beginning of your listing for SEO (easy) without sounding like a robot;

• Writing your perfect listing, not too long, not too short; with all the pertinent information and answers to questions people may have, (which is NOT read by anyone 90% of the time, not even my family.)

How can you purchase something without reading the description? Oh. Ya. Just message the seller.

“How many plates come with this?”

Oh…I don’t know; how bout, LOOK AT THE FIRST 3 WORDS of my listing which says, “SET of 6…” and ALSO happens to be visible WITHOUT even having to click “item description.”

We climbed the ranks swiftly.

Now. Most of these other Etsy shop owners are always speaking about their “new product line,” and their “big launch.”

I can’t do that with vintage. It’s ALWAYS new stuff!

That said, with my now “one week old” 2nd shop: I’M READY. I’ve already planned, and ordered, what I need for my first 2 “product lines.”

New problemo is I have to figure out how that big mystery works.

Etsy folks on YouTube do The Big Countdown:

“OK, It’s 10:08 a.m., almost time for my launch at 10:10!” (??Okay??)


How do you do THAT? As far as I know, you get ONE listing-draft at a time. So how do they magically hit “Ready…Set…”CLICK-LAUNCHED!”

Even when I opened my new shop, I had to open with ONE listing. How lame is that?

So, more learning to be had. Hence; again, my 3rd night, (and day) that I am lying here wide awake working, researching, planning, etc.

And you know what? Even after being awake for 72+ hours in a row, every week, I STILL don’t have time to create listings. Nor have I washed a dish. I only wash what we sell. And THAT is a delicate process with vintage items; more learning opportunity.

Oh ya, I forgot about the list I was making: It should continue with:

• The time-consuming photography issues. Summer disappears, then there are terrible lighting problems (don’t even suggest an ugly white box; been there, done that.) Doesn’t work for me. I take up a LOT of room when I am working on a photo shoot. And WOW I make a HUMONGOUS MESS!!! It hurts my back, I have to aim and shoot with one hand, hold props or who-knows-what in the other.

Next, the CEO of the company, Dutchess, my cat, walks by and gets her tail in the photo. One day I finally said “screw-it,” and left her ears in the picture. They were poking up from behind a box. I, of course, thought it was cute. I also think I’m funny; so I was sure to put an asterisk at the bottom of my listing:

* Cat not included.


NEW “product line” coming soon to The Solitary Circle on Etsy; and I’m sooooo excited!!