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Hello friends! I'm Acorn #1, as I like to say! My name is Jenny. I have 5 precious daughters who are already raised and "out of the nest." We all know time flies WAY too fast. Since I am now an "empty-nester," I figured it's MY turn for college; I'm currently working toward my RN degree. Hi, John here; electrician by day, Acorn by night. Jenny and I are working to attain our goal of "RV living" full-time. This will allow us to travel, hunt our treasures, visit our scattered-across-the-country-children, and run our Etsy shop from the road! We really enjoy our Etsy shoppe! We opened September 2017. It's a LOT of fun, a LOT of work, and an incredible learning experience! Running an Etsy shoppe can also be quite a juggling act; however, our wonderful customers make it all worth the while! I’ve just opened my 2nd shop, The Solitary Circle, and we are gearing up to open our THIRD Etsy shop around June 2019. And it's gonna ROCK! (No pun intended; you'll see.) Thanks for visiting! AND REMEMBER...we aren’t nuts; we are acorns. THE TWO ACORNS!

I DID IT! I’m in!


THAT, Folks…took a long, long…LONG time for me to figure out how to “break-into” my blog via the “log-in” page on the IOS app! HOLY. CRAP.

I didn’t go to school to “read code,” or whatever they call it. SERIOUSLY.

For MONTHS I have been wondering if I’d EVER be able to blog from my phone!

Well, I’m in. This shall be a test.

So far, I see NO Gutenberg Blocks.

No font choice.

I seem to be yelling in bold, yet my “B” is NOT highlighted.

God-Almighty it SUCKS getting older.