Party in the Freezer!

The Two Acorns

Having a second refrigerator is not a good idea. About 2 or 3 months ago, my youngest daughter came bouncing in through the garage door that led directly into the laundry room to tell me, “The fridge is not on.” Well…I figured this was a man-problem. We didn’t really use it…so I just ignored the fact.

A few days ago I actually trekked downstairs to the kid living room. I try not to do this often; this is their territory and I prefer not to see what it looks like.

I was very sorry I made that decision. A bunch of old cups, partially filled with who-knows-what, lemonade or juice…I don’t know,were scattered among various tables, and areas of the floor near couches and chairs. I may not have been able to identify the contents of the cups; what I DID know, however, fruit flies, my affliction, were buzzing…

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